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Restaurant Bären – the Alpine Herb Restaurant 

Joy – Culinary in Wengen

Local, seasonal und fresh – Good food is balm for the soul

Pleasure in a stylish ambience. In our Alpine Herb Restaurant you will find taste and aesthetic side by side. We love spoiling you with local and international specialties. Our food is prepared with seasonal and fresh product from our region. Also, fish lovers and vegetarians will find tasty dishes.

A classic and timeless room with large windows reflects the openness of our domestic cuisine and gives an authentic and appealing setting oh the outstanding level of our cuisine. Traditional Swiss dishes with Mediterranean and international  specialties merge into a unique symbiosis, which is much appreciated by both foreign and local guests. The result is „très bon“

In addition, we are serving various Swiss wine specialties from our treasury in the cellar. Something wine lovers are going to looking forward to. In our wine cellar you will find a lot of notable local as well as national and European wines, which are balm for the soul and wings for the spirit.

Alpine Herb Restaurant

Finish you day in style und make yourself comfortable in our restaurant. This is the ideal place to enjoy the lightness and easy-going times with good company and to taste fine wine from domestic or renowned national winemakers. You will be given advice from the hosts Therese Brunner and Maresa Hühn und the entire Bären team. Therese Brunner, not only our alpine herb fairy and wine consultant, but also our expert for homemade. nicht nur unsere Alpenkräuterfee und Weinberaterin, sondern auch unsere Expertin für Selbstgemachtes. She is particularly fond of one particular distillate our ginger liquer. The preparation of her ginger liquer is a spectacle of scents! When the fesh ginger is being prepared with our on-site herbs, apples, lemons and with a lot of dedication, you can literally see how the ingredients merge into each other. That is a must try!

The result is an extremely noble distillate that invites you to taste, sip, chat and enjoy.

Alpine Herb Garden

Wether it is Spring, summer or autumn Frühling, our alpine herb garden as well as the surrounding meadows and alp mats provide everything you need, to create varied pleasurable dishes. Everything we harvest in the nature is fresh, local and seasonal. Alpine herbs and wild plants are the so called forgotten «Superfoods» of our environment. It is good for our health to complement the nutrition with all the stuff that our nature provides and you will learn to see nature through a different angle.

Treat Half Board

In our Alpine Herb Hotel with half board we spoil you with tempting dishes made from fresh, vitamin-rich and healthy ingredients. 3-course gourmet menu, composed by you, as you like, from our à la carte menu.
Bookable from a stay of 3 nights.

Treat Breakfast Buffet

Our rich breakfast buffet with a lot of homemade and local products is everything you need to begin your day strengthend. It will be a pleasure to welcome external guests as well. A reservation is for external guests is required.

Alpine Herb Cuisine

Head chef Marcus Kousias – The man behind the stove. He is creative and practices his profession with heart and soul. Together with host Willy Brunner, he developes a lot of new dishes with a lot of joy of experimentation. Tey are only using the best local ingredients and products. This results in creations like smoked alpine chesse, a stinging nettle panna cotta or wild garlic gnocchis, which are both delicous and innovative.