Bio Salat

Our Producers

There is no reason of going far away when all the good things are close by!

Sustainability and local value creation are important issues for us. According to this principle we want to present local and regional products on your plate whenever it is possible.

Therese Brunner

It does not get any closer. Therese provides us all year round with self-drawn sprouts. In the summer months we are having our own garden. Salads, herbs and decorative flowers from our garden can be found on your plate from mid-June in the Restaurant Bären. And the blossoms of our elder bush are the basis for our delicious syrup or jelly on the rich breakfast buffet.

Monika Ponti

Monika is runnning a small farm in Innerwengen. If you plan to visit her you can combine it with a trip to the Staubbachbänkli. From Monika we receive fresh alpine butter and goat cheese specialities.

Fishery Beat Abegglen

Beat is our local fisherman. He supplies us with freshly caught white fish fillet from Lake Thun and other specialities from Lake Brienz such as burbot, brienzlig or roach.

Our Local Hunters

For years we have been supplied with chamois, deer and sometimes even ibex by local hunters. We appreciate the work of the hunters very much. They take care of the wildlife around Wengen all year round. Especially in winter time the hunters provide the wild animals with food. Thank you very much. In autumn we serve you our game specialities from local hunting. 

Peter Eichenberger

Alpine herdsman and dairyman Peter Eichenberger is spending the whole summer on the Wengernalp. We do not want to deprive you from his alpine cheese creations such like alpine herb Mutschli, Mutschli, alpine cheese, alpine whey cheese & alpine butter from the Wengernalp.