Ulrich and Rosa Brunner-von Allmen bought the Building with the little restaurant “Bärenstübli”

Rosa Brunner put all her heart and soul into the hotel and restaurant.

Over the following years the infrastructer was carefully and lovingly renovated.
One of the first televisions was in the Bären and the local people used it regularly. Today you would call it „Public viewing“.

New building of the bunkhouse litlle Bär it had 20 beds and was without heating and had just cold water.
With the Bärenstübli and the bunkhouse there were now 30 beds


The son Willy Brunner and daughter in law Martha Brunner-Fankhauser take over the buissnes.
Expandion and new building of the new Bären with 17 rooms, 26 beds, a 3 room flat, 4 staff rooms, the restaurant that could sit 80 guests and the terasse with 50 seats. 8 of 17 rooms had a shower and the toilet .
This was very modern at that time. The other rooms had the shower and toilet us usual on the landing.
After the new renavations there were 46 beds.

1978 – 1991

The restaurant “Bärenstübli” opens inbetweeen saisons


The restaurant “Bärenstübli” closes


The son Willy Brunner and dauther in law Therese Brunner-Tschanz take over the hotel.
Renovation of the middle floor begins and the “Bärenstübli”is made into a flat.
the insterlation of a heating system and showers in the bunkhouse and the name changes to “Kleine Bär”.


Renovation of all the hotel rooms and adding bathrooms.
Birth of Nicole Brunner


Rebuild of the “Bärenstübli into a bigger flat.


The bunkhouse closes and changes into a 2 room flat. By that time there are 35 beds.
Birth of Jessica Brunner


Renovation and addition building of the restaurant „Neuer Bären“


Building of kitchen and office in „Bärenstübli“


Insterlation of internal fire alarm system


The West front expands during a big renovation and the result is 10 bigger modern rooms.
After living in the “Neue Bär” Martha Brunner-Fankhauser moves into “Kleine Bär”


The last 7 rooms are renovated and an guest lift is built for your convenince